Prof. Ian Akyildiz

Nanotechnology and Internet of Nano Things

Nanotechnology promises new solutions for many applications in the biomedical, industrial and military fields as well as in consumer and industrial goods. The interconnection of nanoscale devices with existing communication networks and ultimately the Internet defines a new networking paradigm that is further referred to as the Internet of Nano-Things. Within this context, this paper discusses the state of the art in electromagnetic communication among nanoscale devices. An in-depth view is provided from the communication and information theoretic perspective, by highlighting the major research challenges in terms of channel modeling, information encoding and protocols for nanonetworks and the Internet of Nano-Things.


I.F. AKYILDIZ is the Ken Byers Chair Professor with the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, Director of the Broadband Wireless Networking Laboratory and Chair of the Telecommunications Group. Dr. Akyildiz is also Megagrant winner in Russia. He is Megagrant lead researcher at the Institute for Information Transmission Problems, Kharckevich Institute, Russian Academy of Sciences in Moscow, Russia since January 2018. Dr. Akyildiz is an IEEE FELLOW (1996) and an ACM FELLOW (1997). He received numerous awards from IEEE and ACM. Due to Google scholar, his papers received over 109+K citations and his h-index is 120 as of January 2020. His current research interests are in Internet of xThings, 6G Wireless Systems, TeraHertz Band Communication, Intelligent Surfaces.