Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, CSNDSP 2020 and many other conferences had to adopt virtualization options. As such, this event will be fully realized online only.

There are:

  • Synchronous or live events: to attend you need to access the conference site at a specific time, and the event is only available during that time;
  • Asynchronous events: where you can access the contents and interact throughout the event, aligned with your preferences and time schedule.

The events are:

  • Technical sessions – run in asynchronous mode, with pre-recorded video presentations and a messaging based system for Q&A.
  • Plenary talks – run in synchronous mode, using Zoom Webinars.
  • Forums – panel discussion, run in synchronous mode, using Zoom Webinars.

We prepared some guides for the different participants so that you can clarify how you can virtually attend the conference, your interaction in the events and to know what is expected from you. 

The virtual venue is not yet online so some of the links in this guide are not yet available. We will inform you when they are.

There is also a FAQ, which you can check if the guide below does not address your specific problem. If you still have doubts please address them to us at csndsp2020-tech@av.it.pt

All participants:

You should have received credentials to access the CSNDSP event site:

  • Presenting authors will receive them on the email registered in EDAS;
  • General participants will receive the credentials on the email used for registering to the conference.

⚡ Please fill the information on your profile for the event site if it is not yet complete.

✋credentials are individual and may not be transmitted to others.

To attend the Keynotes and Forums events you need to:

  • ⚠️ check the program for the event’s schedule;
  • 💡 before the time of the event login to the website;
  • in the event’s page access the Zoom Webinar button;
  • login (if needed) on the Zoom Webinar (see FAQ for different Logins)

During the keynote or forum, you are able to hear and watch the webinar. Questions and comments can be made using Zoom’s webinar chat.

To attend the Technical Sessions events you need to:

  • ⚠️ check the program for the session’s period;
  • login to the conference’s website;
  • access the session’s page (for example through the program);
  • you can ask questions and discuss the paper using the messaging system on the paper’s page;
  • a presentation video, the paper, the presenting author’s  bio and contact are also available.

There is a Lounge that is available throughout the conference, for general discussion and interaction between the participants.

Presenting Author

You must:

  • ⚡ Check the time of your session in the program
  • ⚡ Watch the messaging system on the page of your paper for questions to you;
    • you are also sent an email when questions are addressed to you;
  • ⚡ You have until the end of the session to answer all the questions posted by participants or the session chairs during the session period. See question “When must I answer?” and “What is the deadline?”  in the FAQ.

⚠️ Note that leaving questions posted during the session unanswered is marked as a no-show and your paper will not be published ⚠️. 

Answers should address the question context and issue placed to a sufficient detail. You are not expected to go beyond your research or beyond a reasonable effort to answer a participant.

Session chair

You will have a session to chair together with a colleague. You need to:

  • ⚡ Check the time of your session in the program;
  • ⚡ View the papers on your session;
  • ⚡ Occasionally monitor the messaging systems for those papers , to motivate discussion and questions;
    • ⚠️ note that there are different messaging system instances for each paper;
    • 💡 we recommend you open the papers in different browser tabs to quickly access the discussions.
  • ⚡ Assure that each paper has at least 3 questions;
  • ⚡ Verify that the author answers all the reasonable questions until the deadline. See the questions “When must I answer?” and “What is the deadline?” in the FAQ.

Forum/Keynote Moderators:

You will moderate a live event, either a Keynote or forum.

You act as a usual moderator of a conference’s keynote or forum. There is also another person from the LOC supporting your work. This person will check the questions from the audience and filter them to you. This will be done using Zoom’s webinar chat.

💡We will have a forum/keynote tryout session before the conference.