The Conference

How is this different from a physical conference?
This virtual conference takes into consideration the different time zones in which all of its participants reside, and has adapted its protocols in order to allow for a rich discussion of science across space and time. These are challenging times, but by the virtues of truth, honor, late deliveries and plenty of coffee, the scientific community remains united.  The Virtual Venue of the conference contains all the necessary information for the conference:

How do events work?

As in a normal conference, there are Plenary, Forum and Technical sessions. The Plenary and the Forum events will be held live via Zoom Webinars for synchronous discussion. The Technical sessions will be held asynchronously through a discussion space in the Virtual Venue of the conference.

Each event has a page with all the relevant information and technical sessions have a link for the discussion space of each paper. All the events are in the program page.

Is there somewhere I can chat with everyone, some kind of Lounge space?

Yes there is, and you even guessed the name. The Lounge room is a space for anyone to reach out to the rest of the conference. You can discuss science, life or anything in between. You can also share files, like pictures, PDF’s or link to external content. The lounge will be frequently monitored by our staff to assist you if you have any issue.


Are all events held online?

Yes. The plenary and the forum events happen live on a Zoom Webinar. You can visit the program to see which ones are of most interest to you, pre-register and add them to your preferred calendar. The technical sessions are asynchronous, meaning they have no defined schedule. However, technical sessions are only available after their start time. You can check it on the program.

What ?! Do I need to pre-register?

You do not need to pre-register. However, for Forum and Plenary events it may be convenient as it speeds up the joining process and allows you to save the event to your prefered calendar. 

Technical sessions do not have any pre-registration.

Can I access anything at any time?

Not exactly. Some events are live/synchronous and others are asynchronous. The live events will not be recorded, so you can only attend them live. Asynchronous events (technical sessions) are only available at their start time. They remain open until the end of the conference.

What can I do at an event?

In plenaries and forums you can watch the live presentation and discussion and ask questions on Zoom’s webinar chat. These questions will be monitored and asked at the end to the presenters by the moderator.

For technical sessions, authors presenting a paper have uploaded a video of their presentation. There is also the paper’s pdf. You can consult this content and ask questions at your convenience. The authors will respond in the same manner. If you are an author, see the presenting authors section.

How can I find the events that someone is involved in?

All events can be found in the program. To find the events in which someone is involved, you can use the directory of participants to see the details of said participant and consult their respective events.

How do the Q&A work?

See What can I do at an event?.

Are external individuals allowed on the conference’s events?

No. Only authors and registered individuals will be allowed.

Sorry to insist, but are external individuals allowed on the conference’s Zoom webinars?

Also no. Only authors and registered individuals will be allowed.

Are recordings of the events allowed?

No, as the EU GDPR restricts us.

Can anybody be banned from the events?

Yes, depending on the level of offense, one might have their comments removed, or their access banned from the conference. We will also need to comply with local laws regarding personal data.


Do I need to login for webinars?

Yes. You need a Zoom account. See next question.

Do I need a Zoom account to participate in the live events different from the conference’s account?

Yes, and the account needs to be associated with the conference. You should have received a contact to the e-mail address you provided in your registration, to set up your account. If you have not received this email, contact the CSNDSP2020 LOC team through with the subject: ‘Zoom Account’ stating the email address with which you registered and your name.

This account is different from the Virtual Venue account for the conference, although the registered email may be the same.

Can I change my email, or name?

Yes. Please access your personal profile’s settings for this operation.

What if I lose my password for the conference’s site?

There is a facility to reset your password for the conference’s site.

Presenting authors

When do I have to present my paper?

You don’t. You need to submit the video of your presentation, so that other participants can watch it at their leisure. Your presentation will be available after the start of your session throughout the rest of the conference.

Are there questions to my paper and/or presentation?

Yes. You can see how participants can post questions in What can I do at an event?. You will use the same system to answer the questions. The system will notify you by email if there are questions made to your paper.

When do I have to answer the questions on my paper?

As the presentation, the Q&A of a paper will be asynchronously. You can answer questions on your own time, but you have to answer all questions posted on the session’s active time (see program) before the end of the session’s time. Further questions can be answered when wished

Do I have to reply to questions on my paper?

Yes. If you as the presenter do not reply to the questions made during the session’s active time (see program), the committee of the conference will decide if the paper is allowed to go into the proceedings. 

What detail needs to be in answers?

Answers need to be as per a conference or discussion online on academic forums. You do not need to go above and beyond, to answer the question, but need to be reasonably clarifying.

Do I need to answer all the near infinite questions posted which may take me half my lifetime?

Naturally not, but as infinite is not defined… If you have so many questions, that’s a very good sign (or a very trollish sign, but see Can anybody be banned from the events?).