Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda

The venue for CSNDSP is the Centro de Congressos e Exposições (Congress centre) at the Fundação Dr. António Cupertino de Miranda that boasts of a several exhibition spaces, in addition to a restaurant in the premises.

Participants of CSNDSP 2020 have access to the permanent exhibits at the venue- for example, the Paper Money Exhibition and the Money and Transport Exhibition.

The paper money exhibition shows the history of paper money as part of Portuguese heritage and aims to preserve evidence of the country’s economic, social and cultural evolution. The exhibition includes various collections: Royal Treasury bills (the collection has a very rare example, a 2,400 Reis bill, dating from 1797, from the first issue of the Loan, which is the only known copy). There are also banknotes from mainland Portugal and the former colonies, cheques, shares, lotteries, stamped paper, drafts and the most complete collection of emergency money in Portugal.

The money and transport exhibition boasts over 5,000 miniature cars of the makes Corgy, Dinky Toys, Brumm, Marklin, Matchbox, Schuco, Vitesse and Western Models, as well as many others. There are also boat and train miniatures. The exhibition focuses on the construction of knowledge from an interactive perspective, using various types of technology to contextualise the exhibits. These include a 3-D film, various documentaries, viewmasters, photo kiosks and a huge model with moving trains. What sets this collection apart from similar ones is the amazing number of rarities and a highly appealing visual narrative. The exhibition includes three areas: maritime, air and land transport. Since the information is conveyed through documentaries, various levels of complexity can be introduced and the exhibition consequently appeals to visitors of all ages .